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Insurance Personal Injury & Property Damage

The attorneys of Kranovich Law are well versed in insurance law. The firm represents insurance companies, insureds and self insured clients in automobile claims, commercial liability claims and homeowner's liability claims. This representation includes coverage opinions, examinations under oath and consultation on policy language. The firm also represents individuals with little or no insurance coverage in claims arising out of automobile accidents and injuries occurring on their property.

  • First Party Personal Lines Insurance Claims:
    • Personal Injury Protection
    • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
    • Diminished Value Auto
  • Third Party Personal Lines Insurance Claims:
    • Vehicle Liability Claims
    • Home Owner's Liability Claims
    • Timber Trespass Claims
    • Excess Claims
  • Third Party Commercial Lines Insurance Claims:
    • Vehicle Liability Claims
    • Employee Negligence Liability Claims
    • Premises Liability Claims
    • Contaminated Food Product Liability Claims
    • Package Failure Liability Claims
  • Coverage Questions/Claims:
    • Opinions
    • Examinations Under Oath
    • Policy Language Drafting and Consultation

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